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What We Provide To You


Why Join CED?

Why your potential customers use CED?

Purchasing anything can be a scary prospect, let alone something that could transform or hinder your life. Customer's want to get the very best price, advice and help when it comes to getting a new mobility aid and a recommendation from an authoritative body provides that peace of mind they're going to the right retailer!

What we will offer Retailers over the coming months;

  • You’ll gain useful contacts in the local area such as OT, GP, Social Services and Care Service contacts.
  • We're working towards signposting by local authorities to your store- this is already happening in some areas, for example Cheshire.
  • Press releases regarding your store and any innovative products will be sent to relevent organisations.
  • We provide support and advice for you and your employees.
  • You’ll have access and information on courses available for further training and support in the mobility industry.
  • You’ll see improved staff retention through accreditation and training.
  • We’ll keep you up to date on legislation changes which might affect you.
  • You’ll be provided with up to date info on relevant standards.
  • Arbitration services.
  • Self-audit facility.
  • Your very own company page on the CED website where you can pitch to your customers directly.
  • HR and recruitment support.
  • Support to open a new store.
  • Legal advice.