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Welcome to the Retailer Area of CED Accreditation Body.

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Retailer Area

Welcome to our Retailer Information Area

Are you committed to achieving recognition nationally and locally as a high quality provider of equipment?

Do you want to become a respected and important part of integrated care and support services in your community?

Do you want to be acknowledged as a trusted retailer who people can rely on to deliver quality support, advice and equipment to promote their independence and mobility?

If that sounds like your business goal – the CED Accreditation scheme is for you.


At its simplest the CED Board Accreditation Scheme is striving to bring together those with equipment needs and those who can meet those needs with skill, care and competence.

The Board works closely with a range of service providers and service users to achieve this goal including -

Committed retailers – where the focus is to promote and acknowledge excellence in equipment provision through the CED Board’s nationally recognized accreditation scheme.

Local Authorities and Health Organizations – where the focus is to support them in their legal responsibilities to provide information about quality care services available in their communities.

Local Communities -where the focus is to raise awareness to the accreditation scheme, the accreditation logo and to signpost to locally accredited members whose services can be used with confidence.


• Membership of the CED Board’s national accreditation scheme indicates that you offer high quality, reliable, personalized care delivered by a dedicated staff who are knowledgeable and skilled in the provision of specialist equipment designed to promote independence.

• CED Accreditation is the only National Accreditation Scheme in the UK. Accreditation is the benchmark for a customer focused, high quality equipment provider who offers exemplary standards of service delivery.

• Clinicians, individuals and carers can have confidence in dealing with nationally CED Accredited Retailers and organisations

• Scheme members are authorised to display and use the CED registered logo – a sign customers and their carers can look for and rely on

• Your details will be posted on the CED website

• Scheme membership can serve as a positive marketing and business development tool for retailers

• CED accreditation can promote staff retention and development

• The CED Board promotes the value of CED Accreditation and scheme membership. It actively works to raise the profile of the Scheme and its members. Communicating with a range of service providers, Local Authorities and Health Organizations it promotes awareness to the benefits that CED accredited members can offer their local communities as trusted suppliers of specialist equipment.

• The CED board invites local professionals with an involvement in equipment provision to engage with locally accredited retailers directly and via the CED website to promote opportunities for service development that reflects local priorities and needs.

• The CED Board will continue to engage with accredited retailers offering ongoing information, support and access to advice on a range of day to day issues including HR and recruitment matters; legal updates; self-audit tools; customer complaints resolution; Store development and Store launch publicity; general PR regarding your Store and/or any relevant innovative products.

• As an accredited retailer you will be an integral partner and standard bearer in the drive to move the ‘excellence in equipment provision’ agenda forward.

Want to find out more about becoming a CED Accredited member? Have a look at the CED Accreditation Guide by clicking on the following link: CED Accrediation Guide.