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Regularly Asked Questions

How do I know if my company or organisation is eligible for retailer accreditation?

You'll need:

  • Have a physical retail premises (having a separate consultation / assessment room is desirable but not essential)
  • Employ a CED Accredited Individual dispenser who meets the minimum assessor qualifications and who is available on site at all times during opening hours
  • Provide evidence of one year’s trading history, supported by the most recent set of accounts as presented to Companies House, or a profit and loss report if not a company or organisation registered with Companies House (only applicable when first applying), or in the case of franchises, a guarantee from the franchisor will be required to ensure the financial stability of the franchisee until such time as the franchisee meets the competency criteria.  In this case the franchisor must meet all competency criteria in order to be a guarantor.
  • Provide name(s) of accredited Individual(s), or persons who have applied to become such, who work for the company / organisation and will be responsible for dispensing of prescriptions
  • Have capability to hold reasonable stock levels and work with the local community equipment services lead to identify minimum stock to be maintained, or be accessible within a short period of time
  • Have the ability/facility to home deliver where appropriate
  • Comply with the complaints handling scheme
  • Register with the MHRA for the purpose of receiving safety alerts so it can comply with product recall requirements
  • Comply with data protection requirements for all information held by the business regarding its customers
  • Conduct a standard Disclosure and Barring Service check for all staff who will work unsupervised with vulnerable customers
  • Refer any individual presenting a prescription for redemption to alternative CED Accredited Retail establishments in the event of the inability to fulfil the prescription in a timely manner and in accordance with the aforementioned criteria
  • Notify the CED Accreditation Body if for any period of time they are unable to fulfil prescriptions due to the absence of an Accredited Individual Dispenser
  • Display the CED accreditation kite mark in a prominent and visible location on their premises

Note: If a business is based outside the UK it will be expected to meet all the above criteria, but it is recognised they will need to register with the equivalent to the MHRA, if such exists in their country, to receive safety alerts; and will be required to conduct the equivalent of a Disclosure and Barring Service check for staff, if such is available in their country.

How do I apply for accreditation as a retailer?

Complete the appropriate application form, and renewal form each year thereafter, giving full contact details of the person responsible at the business for registration, also giving locations and contact details for each location from which prescriptions will be dispensed (use separate sheet where necessary); stating store opening hours and contact details.

A renewal reminder will be sent to you one month prior to the expiry of your current registration and the renewal application will be available as a download on the CED accreditation website.

What if I need to withdraw or terminate my accreditation?

Suspension or withdrawal of accreditation will normally be considered in circumstances where the Accreditation Body has reason to be concerned about the manner in which the accreditation status is being used.

The Accreditation Body reserves the right to withdraw accreditation immediately if a Retailer’s or Individual’s acts or omissions bring, or are likely to bring, the Community Equipment Dispenser Scheme into disrepute or where there has been a breach of the General Conditions of Accreditation.

If accreditation is withdrawn or terminated the applicant may appeal (see appeals procedure).

How much notice do I have to give the CED scheme if I wish to withdraw?

There may be circumstances when a CED Accredited Retailer may need to give notice of their withdrawal.

In such circumstances the Retailer agrees to:

  • Provide the CED Accreditation Body with written notice of their intention to withdraw from the CED Dispenser Scheme and give a minimum of 30 days notice

In such circumstance the CED Accreditation Body will:

  • Confirm receipt of the written notice of withdrawal
  • Provide notice to all Equipment Service Provider Partnerships of the cessation date of the Accreditation where the Retail establishment is located and listed as a participant to the Retail Model
  • Remove the Retailer from the Registration database

How do I appeal an accreditation request?

  1. Appeals should be made in writing to the National Oversight Committee (care of the address for the Accreditation Body) within 14 days of the decision to withdraw the Accreditation.  Where no appeal is raised within this timescale the decision will be upheld.  
  2. Every effort will be made to hold the Appeal Hearing in a timely manner. Adequate time should be allowed for the preparation of the Appeal paperwork, which must be submitted 14 days before the hearing.  The complainant will be kept informed if there is to be a delay in arranging the Appeal Hearing.

If, during the course of the procedure, witness statements or further information is required, the National Oversight Committee will request these as appropriate.

What happens with monitoring and ongoing reviews?

Each member will be made aware of their annual renewal date as outlined on their membership certificates.  Following this date each member will be liable to ongoing monitoring and review as part of the continuing registration/Accreditation process.

This will take the form of a self audit questionnaire which can be completed in hard copy or automated format via the CED website.

As part of the continuing quality assurance and governance process there will be a process of random activity sampling of responses received to ensure compliance with self-regulation.

What are your equal Opportunities?

The Accreditation Body aims to ensure that no applicant for registration receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of Race, Disability, Age, Gender, Faith/Religion, Sex or Ethnic Origin, or is disadvantaged by conditions, requirements or practices that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they comply with the relevant requirements for registration as set out in the appropriate application form or in this criteria and guidance document.

Applicants who have a disability and find it difficult to complete the application process should contact the CED Accreditation Body for assistance.

What happens to the application?

On receipt of a Retailer application for accreditation together with the fee payable or request for an invoice, the application will be processed and details added to the central register.

Receipt of your application(s) will be acknowledged in writing and a certificate of accreditation issued to acknowledge your accreditation with the Community Equipment Dispenser (CED) scheme, together with a copy of the Community Equipment Dispenser Scheme manual.

Please allow 14 days from receipt for the processing of your application(s).

The Accreditation scheme Renewal

Each Accredited Retailer will be required to complete an accreditation census for accreditation each year following initial registration to ensure that the register is maintained and updated. In addition to this a ‘self audit’ questionnaire will be sent to each accredited Retailer and Dispenser registered with the scheme. This will need to be returned with your renewal fee(s) for any renewal application to be completed.