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Professional Contacts

Working Together, Benefitting Local Equipment Provision

The CED Board want to encourage professionals, whose roles involve equipment provision, to use this website to develop an awareness of their local accredited equipment retailers.

Just knowing who is operating in your area and providing services that have been rigorously assessed and registered as trusted equipment providers means you can confidently signpost those with equipment needs to a local reliable source of help.

Building relationships with local accredited retailers not only benefits those with equipment needs, but also opens the door to developing opportunities to promote and nurture services that truly reflect local equipment requirements.

Accredited retailers are very keen to work collaboratively with local professionals to further develop the services they offer.

If you are interested in equipment provision and are looking for an opportunity to influence local provision then accredited retailers will welcome your input.

Developing Collaborative Working in your Area

Are you a professional with an interest in equipment?

Would you like your details to be added to this website and made available only to accredited retailer members with a view to promoting collaborative local working?

Please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page on the website and enter your details