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General Conditions of Accreditation

It is the responsibility of an Accredited Retailer to notify the Accreditation Body when there are any changes relating to the retail premises, or the status of the company or organisation.  In addition:

It is the responsibility of the Accredited Retailer involved with the dispensing to notify the Accreditation Body when changes to the Individuals status occur i.e., leaving an organisation or moving to another retail premises to continue dispensing prescriptions.  Please refer to Note 2 at the end of this section.

Your registration details will appear on the CED database and are compiled from the information submitted on the application form.  Scheme members must ensure any changes are advised to the following address:

General Scheme Enquiries:

PO Box 34
PL32 9WZ

You can e-mail us at

  • Your Retailer details will be added to the register of accredited CED members located on the website at, which is administered and maintained by the Accreditation Body.  All enquiries regarding accreditation and from non-accredited retailers or individuals will be treated in accordance with the provisions of all applicable legislation.
  • The schemes are non-exclusive and other companies, organisations or individual practitioners wishing to join the scheme may do so provided they meet the minimum requirements, this can include contracted service providers and pharmacies.
  • For the avoidance of doubt an Individual Dispenser Accreditation is transferable when a member changes to a different employer, subject to notifying the Accreditation Body of such change.  The Accredited Individual will continue to be eligible to dispense equipment, but may only do so if employed by an Accredited Retailer.
  • The Accreditation Body reserves the right to reject applications where substantial changes are proposed or have occurred.

Note 1:

To avoid any delay in the processing of applications, please ensure that full documentation is provided.

Note 2:

The Accreditation Body reserves the right to determine the fees due on invoices already submitted for payment, where the CED Accreditation Board has not received notification of changes to the Individual Dispenser for each accredited Retail establishment.