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CED code of Conduct and Complaints Management


All retailers under CED are asked to follow our Code of Conduct. Which can be found here.


Complaints received by the CED Accreditation Board will be investigated thoroughly to establish the facts, details and circumstances of the matter. The CED Board will work closely with all parties affected by the complaint and will offer arbitration and support where necessary at all stages of the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation the CED Board will produce recommendations for the satisfactory resolution of the complaint and to identify any lessons to be learnt for the future.

The Complaints Process will operate as follows

• Attempts to resolve the complaint locally have been unsuccessful

• Complaint received by CED Accreditation Board

• The Board appoint a member to lead the complaint investigation

• The Board acknowledge receipt of complaint and inform the complainant about the investigation process and provide the name and contact details of the lead investigator

• Investigation will include liaison with involved parties, appropriate others, collection of data and review of relevant documentation

• Analysis of facts gathered in the course of the investigation

• Investigation recommendations prepared by lead investigator

• Parties informed of CED Accreditation Board findings and recommendations by lead investigator within 2 months of complaint receipt

• Outcome actions monitored where appropriate by Board appointed lead investigator.

Please note if the recommendations of the lead investigator are disputed by the involved parties, there will be an option to pursue the matter with an independent third party.

Appeals Procedure

Where CED Accreditation Board decisions and recommendations are disputed by any party, there is a right to contact the Board in writing to highlight concerns.

Appeals must be communicated to the CED Accreditation Board within 14 days of the decisions/recommendations becoming known. The Board will review the matter, taking into account the concerns and issues raised, and will determine if there is any further action to be taken. The right to pursue the matter with an independent third party remains an option.