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CED Accrediation Guide


The CED Board is responsible for awarding national accreditation to retailers and other Organisations who provide specialist equipment designed to promote independence and mobility. Only those who satisfy the criteria laid down in the assessment documentation and can provide supporting evidence of their activities and high performance can expect to become and remain accredited CED members and eligible to display the CED logo in their premises and on their stationery and promotional materials.

The CED Board champions the delivery of a quality assured service provision and acts to ensure that members continue to provide quality service to their customers. Accreditation and membership will be subject to initial and ongoing assessment using a variety of approaches including documentary evidence, mystery shopper experience and customer satisfaction feedback.

Key Objectives of the CED Accreditation Board

The CED Accreditation Board will fulfil its responsibilities to manage the accreditation process as follows:
1. Set a national minimum standard framework for service delivery that remains responsive and relevant to changing needs and demands.
2. Hold a register of CED Accredited retailers and organisations and ensure that the register is regularly maintained and updated.
3. Publish the list of Accredited retailers and organisations on the CED website.
4. Investigate any concerns or complaints received to determine whether accreditation standards of service delivery and performance have been compromised and consider whether accreditation status is invalidated as a consequence.
5. Remove from the register any Accredited Retailers or organisations who have:
• Failed to maintain accreditation requirements
• Failed to maintain competency requirements
• Used the CED Accreditation logo without compliance with accreditation standards or other requirements
6. Act as a referrer to other organisations and regulatory bodies where necessary e.g. Consumer Direct; Office of Fair Trading.


Both Retailers and Organisations are eligible to apply for CED accreditation.
This section explains how to apply for accreditation; how your application will be processed; accreditation fees; the CED Board’s decision to award, defer or deny CED accreditation; CED accreditation renewal arrangements and the Appeals Procedure.

CED Accredited Members undertake to:

Have a physical retail premises (having a separate consultation / assessment room is desirable but not essential)
Employ a competent person who can demonstrate, or is working towards achievement of, high standards of customer care, specialist equipment knowledge and is able to provide advice tailored to meet individuals’ specific needs.
Provide evidence of one year’s financial history, supported by the most recent set of accounts as presented to Companies House, or a profit and loss report if not a company or organisation registered with Companies House (only applicable when first applying), or in the case of franchises, a guarantee from the franchisor will be required to ensure the financial stability of the franchisee until such time as the franchisee meets the competency criteria. In this case the franchisor must meet all competency criteria in order to be a guarantor.
Have capability to hold reasonable stock levels to ensure customer needs can be met promptly.
Have the ability/facility to home deliver where appropriate
Comply with the CED complaints handling scheme
Register with the MHRA for the purpose of receiving safety alerts so it can comply with product recall requirements
Comply with data protection requirements for all information held by the business regarding its customers
Conduct a standard Disclosure and Barring Service check for all staff who will work unsupervised with vulnerable customers
Refer customers to their nearest local alternative CED Accredited Retailer in the event of the inability to provide appropriate equipment in a timely manner.
Notify the CED Accreditation Board if the Retailer has any concerns regarding their compliance with accreditation requirements.
Display the CED accreditation logo in a prominent and visible location on their premises

Note: If a business is based outside the UK it may apply for accreditation and it will be expected to meet all the above criteria. It is recognised there will be a need to register with the equivalent Body to the MHRA, if such exists in their country, to enable receipt of relevant safety alerts; and will be required to conduct the equivalent of a Disclosure and Barring Service check for their staff, if such is available in their country.


I want to apply for CED Accreditation – Getting started

In the first instance you must fully complete all sections of the CED Accreditation Application Form. The form is available on the CED website. You must also supply evidence requested within the application form relating to service delivery, performance and financial information. Once submitted for assessment this data will be reviewed by the CED Board to establish whether there is compliance with the high standards of service delivery and performance demanded for accreditation. The CED Board is responsible for scrutinising all applications. The Board reserves the right to approach applicants for further information relating to the application and may seek clarification where necessary in order to enable a decision to be reached regarding awarding accreditation status. The CED Board will advise all applicants of the outcome of the accreditation decision. Accreditation is valid for 1 year from the date it is awarded. In the event that CED accreditation is not awarded, it may be either deferred, pending remedial action, or denied.

Applicants who have their CED Accreditation deferred or denied have the right to appeal the CED Board’s decision in writing within 14 days of notification.

Summary – Applying for CED accreditation

• Click on the following link to access the application form: CED Application Form.
• Complete the form fully and accurately
• Attach documentary evidence of your standards of service delivery, financial report and business performance (detailed on the application form)
• Submit the completed form and supporting information to the CED Accreditation Board for consideration and await their decision- you will advised of the outcome of the Board’s decision within 14 days.

I want to renew my CED Accreditation
Every 12 months CED accredited members will be required to renew their CED accreditation. Members seeking renewal will be required to complete the CED accreditation application form, provide the necessary evidence of continuing compliance with service delivery and performance standards and pay the annual fee of £395.00 plus VAT.

The annual renewal arrangements within the accreditation process ensure the following –
• Eligibility standards for accreditation continue to be met
• The register of CED accredited members of the is kept up to date

A renewal reminder will be sent to you one month prior to the expiry of your current registration.

Summary - CED Accreditation Renewal
You must complete the application form, provide the information requested and pay the annual renewal fee of £395.00 plus VAT. The application will be reviewed by the CED Accreditation Board who will determine if the required standards of service delivery and performance for CED accreditation are met. You will be informed of the decision within 14 days.

In the event that the CED Board defer or do not approve an application for renewal of CED accreditation, there is a right to appeal the decision. This must be done in writing to the CED Accreditation Board within 14 days of the notification.

CED Accreditation Fees

The CED accreditation fee is £395.00 plus VAT and is payable on when CED Accreditation is awarded by the CED Board. Accreditation is valid for the period of one year from the date of decision to make the award to the applicant. Accreditation can be renewed annually thereafter by submitting the appropriate documentation and the payment of the annual fee of £395.00 plus VAT.

CED Accreditation Board Response - What happens to the application?

On receipt of the completed application form, the supporting evidence of service delivery and performance and financial information, the application will be considered by the CED Board and a decision will be made whether to award accreditation status. This process should take no more than 14 days from receipt of the application. Within this timeframe you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application, followed by a notification of the CED Board’s decision regarding your application and a request for payment of £395.00 plus VAT where accreditation is awarded.

Where the CED Board agree that the application data confirms that the criteria for accreditation are met, you will be will be issued with a certificate of accreditation and a decal. In addition, your details will be added to the CED central register of accredited members and will appear on the CED website.

If the CED Board are not satisfied that the accreditation standards are met, membership may be deferred, pending recommended remedial action, or denied. Applicants may appeal the decision in writing to the CED Accreditation Board within 14 days of notification of the decision.

Compliance with Conditions of CED Accreditation

It is the responsibility of accredited members to uphold and maintain the standards demanded of CED accreditation status at all times. In the event the standards of service delivery and performance are compromised for any reason members are obliged to notify the CED Accreditation Board to discuss any compliance concerns.

The CED Board will act to support members enabling, where appropriate, continued membership of the Accreditation scheme.

CED Accreditation Board Withdrawal or Termination of Accreditation

Suspension or withdrawal of accreditation will normally be considered in circumstances where the CED Accreditation Board has reason to be concerned that accreditation standards are not being met fully.

The Accreditation Board will work closely with all members to support their ongoing compliance with requirements. However, the Board reserves the right to withdraw accreditation immediately if members acts or omissions bring, or are likely to bring, the Accreditation Scheme into disrepute or where there has been a breach of the standards and conditions of Accreditation.

If accreditation is withdrawn or terminated members can appeal the decision in writing to the CED Accreditation Board within 14 days of notification of the decision.

CED Member Withdrawal or Termination of Accreditation

There may be circumstances when a CED Accredited member may consider withdrawing from the accreditation scheme.

In such circumstances accredited members must be prepared to:
Provide the CED Accreditation Board with written notice of their intention to withdraw from the accreditation Scheme and give a minimum notice of 30 days.

The CED Accreditation Board will:
Confirm receipt of the written notice of withdrawal
Provide any advice and support to enable members to remain within the accreditation scheme, including membership suspension for a defined period if appropriate
Agree a membership termination date where appropriate
Remove the accredited member’s information and details from the register and from the CED website.

Publication of the Register of CED Accredited Members
Registration details will appear on the CED website. Entries on the website will be added using relevant information submitted on the application form. Members must ensure in the event of any changes to their details the CED Board are notified using the ‘Contact Us’ form on the CED website. This will ensure details on the website remain current and accurate.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CED Accreditation Board If you need advice or support with the any aspect of the Accreditation Process. You can contact us by clicking on the following link: Contact Us.