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About Us

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The CED Accreditation Board

The CED Accreditation Board is a national organisation. It was founded in 2007 and its members include experts in the field of equipment provision. It is a ‘not for profit’ organization and is responsible for the development, introduction and operation of the only national accreditation scheme for high street equipment retailers designed specifically to clearly identify those retailers offering the highest standards of service delivery to those with specialist equipment needs.

The Importance of Accredited Retailers

The CED Board works closely with committed retailers to promote and support excellence in equipment provision. Only those retailers that satisfy CED registration exacting standards of service provision will be awarded accreditation status and be eligible to display the CED logo in their store.

One of the Board’s primary objectives is to benefit people whose lives will be enhanced by access to high quality support, advice and information about equipment designed to promote independence and mobility. The Accreditation Scheme is a vital element in achieving this goal bringing together people with equipment needs and trusted equipment retailers with a recognized capability to meet those needs.

CED Accreditation Board Governance Arrangements

Annual Statement and CED Accreditation Board Activity

The CED Accreditation Board will operate within agreed terms of reference which will be reviewed annually and will include within its governance arrangements the responsibility to publish an annual statement of its activities.

The Annual Report will contain details of its accreditation function in respect of the following –

• Numbers of Retailers and Organisations awarded CED accreditation during the 12 month reporting period
• Numbers of Retailers and Organisations whose CED accredited status was suspended or terminated during the 12 month reporting period
• Numbers and categories of complaints received
• Details of actions taken to resolve complaints
• Actions and feedback arising from referrals to other regulatory bodies (e.g Office of Fair Trading)